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Competitive rates with a variety of term options.

New to Certificate of Deposits (CDs)? 没有问题. While putting your money out of reach (even for just a short time) may be a new concept to you, it’s one of the smartest ways to start having your money work for you (instead of you always working for your money). 简而言之, you can open a CD for the amount of time you decide from 网上正规网投实体’s selection of terms. You won’t be able to spend it during the term of the account, but that means your money will be there, at the end of your CD term, if you need it.

Key Features Of A 网上正规网投实体 Certificate Of Deposit

A CD (Certificate of Deposit) allows you to select the length of your savings term that best suits your schedule from 网上正规网投实体’s flexible terms. Based on the corresponding interest rate, you’ll earn interest at a higher rate than traditional savings accounts. Other key features are:

  • 包括: Flexible terms between one month and 60 months
  • 包括: Competitive rates
  • 包括: Minimum balance requirement is $500
  • 包括: Interest rate remains unchanged during the term of the CD
  • 包括: Automatically renew at maturity of CD
  • 包括: Can be used as collateral for a personal loan
  • 包括: Interest can be mailed to the owner, transferred to another 网上正规网投实体 account or direct deposited to an account at another financial institution

Great Interest Rates Are Just The Beginning

With a CD from 网上正规网投实体, you’ll enjoy a fixed rate for the term of the CD. Beyond our consistent rates, you’ll also enjoy:

      • 包括: No Maintenance Fees
      • 包括: 24/7 Access: Check on the status of your CDs online anytime, anywhere.

Use CDs to make the most of your savings goals. Open a CD at your nearest 网上正规网投实体 branch today >


网上正规网投实体 has again earned a coveted Five-Star Superior Rating from BauerFinancial, the nation’s best bank rating service analyzing and reporting on the financial condition of the nation’s banking industry since 1983. This means we’re one of the strongest financial institutions in the nation. Bank local at 网上正规网投实体 and bank strong.

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